The Misery Argument- Counter Argument

For my daily post, I am copying an email I sent to a friend of mine. We like to discuss parenting styles a lot. She and I can be very different, but respectful. Anyway, she asked me about my opinion of this blog post here. I will just say now that I personally do not subscribe to the Attachment Parenting style. I don’t subscribe to anything that seems extreme. That being said, I am not so far off that I can’t agree with any of her arguments. Anyway, I didn’t have much time to think about another post today, so I decided this will have to do.



     That was a very interesting read! I think you were right, she is very black and white. I am a much more grayish kind of person, since I believe that all parents should know and should have the right to know what is best for their children. I think in an ideal/perfect world – she is right – children should be taught primarily by their parents. However, I do not agree that the institution of public schooling should be taken away. Just from my experience with teaching children and also from my own child development courses, there are two things I can confidently say that I know about children. 1.) Children desire and need structure in their lives. Knowing what is expected from them helps them thrive. I don’t necessarily think that teaching kids how to follow directions is a bad thing. We all eventually need to learn self-control since it makes our world safer and helps with a common good. 2.) Our children also need a lot of freedom. As I am writing this, I am allowing Oliver to play in his crib for a bit before I take him out and bring him into the living room. To some, this may seem like a bad thing since he is in a confining space, but I know Oliver and know that he likes to have alone time where he can process his day without my curious questions and remarks. He will get to a point where he wants me to come and get him, which I will.
     I guess what I am saying is, we all know our kids. Some thrive with a little more freedom than others, some thrive with a little more structure. I do think that our society in America cares more about test scores than they do about well-balanced individuals, which is why there are many schools that are advocating for more recess time. If I can find it, I will send you an article about how American schools are not made for boys since, scientifically, boys need more outside time, more stimulation. When I taught preschool, we would have definitely spent most of the day outside on a day like that. So, I think it depends on the school, the area. America is big and some people prioritize things differently than others in different areas. For example, Florida has many overcrowded schools and instead of building more schools, they are building an online teaching system to advocate for more homeschooling. Massachusetts is a very academia heavy area, which may mean there is a higher emphasis on institutional schooling.
     I noticed that she has three different degrees – all from institutions. Which is interesting to me because it seems like she is using those degrees to make a statement about how much she knows, although her argument is to take those institutions away. It seems paradoxical to me and makes me wonder about what her motives are.

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