Be Like Those Women

I have been envisioning what the past must have looked like for women. I think about all of the westbound pioneers, washing their clothes (and sometimes the clothes of 10 children) by hand, making bread everyday, keeping up on the cleaning, gardening, etc. Not to mention, the types of things that put everything on hold, like children getting sick. Then, I hear about these same saintly women actually getting involved in their communities, representing women’s suffrage, writing newsletters for women’s groups, and sometimes even working as nurses or midwives. It’s amazing to me since I feel like I’ve had a bad day just because I had to go grocery shopping for two hours. However, it also inspires me tremendously. I don’t want to do anything that takes me so much away from my children that they don’t consider me their primary caretaker. I want to do something I love, and I want to teach my children what the value of hard work looks like. We_Can_Do_It!I think if I have enough time to binge watch Psych twice a week, then I must have enough time to take a class, learn a new skill, or help someone else in need.

I think that one of the greatest skills that my mother taught me was hard work. She had to work for our family, so many responsibilities fell on me and my older sister. I resented it at the time, but quickly learned how different my work ethic was compared to many of my friends because I had that experience. I think that my ability to work hard helps me progress in each facet of my life.

Maybe in a few years I won’t be as excited as I am now to take on added responsibility, but right now I am pretty ecstatic. I want to work hard, but mostly I want to feel that satisfaction that comes when I accomplish something because I worked hard.



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