Blog Goals

On the blog that I previously wrote in, I made a goal to blog every day. I haven’t lived up to that goal, but I have gotten pretty close. I think what’s most important is that I haven’t given up when I did forget. I just blogged the next day or at least when I remembered.

Here are a few things I remind myself in my attempt to accomplish my resolution:

1.) You may only get one reader a day, and that’s okay.

2.) You may get no readers sometimes, and that’s okay, too.

3.) You started this because you wanted to keep up your writing skills, and hopefully improve them.

4.) You need to carry around a small notebook or you will forget your blog ideas.

5.) Personal blogging is a good way to organize your thoughts.

At the end of it all, even if I don’t “get much” out of this resolution, I will at least have the satisfaction of accomplishing something. That’s why I have also resolved to make my bed every day. I have actually noticed that making my bed first thing helps me get my other responsibilities rolling.


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