Daily Prompt/Freewrite: Buddy

Right now, my best buddies are my family. Which I am definitely fine with because they are the first people in my life that I really chose to be with. I didn’t choose my parents or my siblings, and I didn’t choose my classmates or peers (but, to be fair, I did choose my friends. Although, I think that was still a little less choosing than I have done with my husband and children.) I love my family. It’s not like any sort of special or perfect situation. As I write this, my toddler son is trying a hundred different ways to convince me to let him “watch a show.” I am pretty close to giving in, again. But I think that in spite of all of my current pursuits, I could never let go of the relationship and happiness that I feel when I am with my family. IMG_1266

About a year ago, I decided that I wanted to be a better friend. I still suck at it, but I feel like my intentions are at least improving. I think that if I could build on each little thing that I am doing right, maybe I will get to that point where I feel like it’s not difficult to serve my friends to the best of my capacity.




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